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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

does almost even count?

so, i didn't make my mother's day deadline. (poo)
it's almost done. it would be done if i didn't keep changing how i want the finished product to look.

way back in 06, i found a pattern in the very first pattern book that i purchased. it was vanna's favorite gift afghans. i had never made an afghan before, but at an unbeatable price of about 6 bucks,(in the bin at sav on) i had to have it.
the original pattern calls for a 3 x 5 afghan of large squares, every other one embroidered with a patch of flowers. i thought, this is perfect! or it would have been if it were larger.
long story shorter...
my mom has a california king sized bed, so i made the afghan about the size of a twin. i'm not totally whacky!
i thought i'd trade the tassels/ fringe on the ends for a few more squares.
now that i've gotten to the point of weaving in ends, i've decided that a nice scalloped edge would go perfectly with the flowers.
and so my adventure continues.
i will finish before the end of this week!

i've been really looking forward to doing some squares for the Virgina Tech afghan project.
i was so looking forward to doing this one, i was on a roll until i got near the end and couldn't finish. i have a knack for falling in love with patterns with flaws. luckily, mini came to the rescue and figured out where the problem was.
although i'm a bit worried about my colors, i'm going to go ahead and do a few plain ole squares. the closest to maroon that i could find was caron's autumn red and red heart's claret. i got a way off mustard yellow/goldish color called well, gold. (ha) i was kind of in a rush when i picked it up and it looked like what i saw on the comp so i got it.
gold scarf anyone? how about a hat?
i don't want to get too ambitious with the squares because i'm i'm a huge procrastinator. the deadline is may 31st so i'm getting crackin on it!
i put all production for etsy on hold to work on the mother's day thing. i was going to list something today, but i'm out of oomph.

i won a couple of sets of susan bates on ebay and they got here today. i felt like it was nisha's birthday! huge savings on them!
i caress them ever so gently, thinking, oh, you just wait, i'm going to work ya like none other.
i used to have a preference for boye's but after i finished the yellow purse-in one day-using a bates, i'm converted.

i've got baby blankets, purses and all that other stuff to do. there's a pile of WIPs next to my bed. i some how feel like a beaver running on a long rug that is just layering behind by feet.
i get no where, ya see?

i'm only complaining a little, i swear!

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